WE ARE a close-knit family of 750,000 alumni – professionals, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists who make our planet a better place. And whether you know exactly what you want, or need to continue to explore, we invite you to start your journey here.

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Baccalaureate and Integrated Degrees

Choose from nearly 275 degrees that you can start here and seamlessly transfer to and finish at another PSU campus. Or choose to complete one of the degrees listed below entirely at PSU-LV. Regardless of where you finish, you’ll earn the SAME Penn State University degree!

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Enhance your baccalaureate degree with a choice of one or more of these academic offerings which are chosen with your advisor. 

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High School Dual Enrollment

Get a jump on your college career! High achieving high school students can enroll in up to eight PSU dual enrollment credits per semester at a 50% tuition reduction.

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Summer Classes

Get ahead or catch up with summer courses at Penn State Lehigh Valley! Students from any college or university may enroll in our online and hybrid courses offered in two sessions starting in May each year.

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Continuing Education

From professional development programs, including Practical Nursing and a digital marketing certificate, to a lecture series for senior citizens (SAGE), PSU-LV offers smart credit and noncredit programs to bolster your career, jumpstart college, or simply, enrich your life!